Ah Money, you are so innocent, strong and resistant. I am so present to the power that you are, and actually that you are not. Us humans have such a story about you, we love you, hate you, kill for you, manipulate, lie, steal, resent you. We create rituals, we build our whole life around you. You must find this incredibly fascinating as you are just a piece of paper, nickel, copper, gold or silver. You take so much bullshit from us, I can not imagine a human would or could survive all the meaning we put on you. I always have wondered what this world would be like of we in fact partnered with you as we do other human beings? I actually see that we do that. You get to be the mirror of what each of us believes about our capacity to love and be loved. Some of us treat you with reverence and partnership, some crumple you up and throw you in our pockets like a piece of trash. While most of us don’t notice you until you are not around anymore, then get into action to get more of you, or succumb to not deserving you.
You are the meaning and value that I put on you, you are the reflection of how much love I have in the world, in my relationships with self and others, you show me where my limitations and where my faith is.
To me money is paper, and my happiness is not dependent on paper, and this paper is gold, in that it allows me to have things, to enhance my existence.

YET, the facts are the money in – money out = what is so…. the rest is our relationship to you!

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Love, Cammie

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