Your home is where it all starts and ends everyday. Its a place where when the world gets to be too much that you can go and retreat. A place that you invite love, communion family, art, spirit, a place where you dreams get unveiled and your passion is fully expressed. Its a place where you get to be naked…What if your home reflected what you want in the world? Who you are in you are in your heart? When I walk into someones home I can see who they really are, or what they are trying to hide, and what they want highlight about themselves. I love when I walk in and the home reflects the soul of the person I know, albeit its very rare. On another note, your home can be the place to look for your habits and how you do your life. For me, my place is very decorated, not too much clutter, a place where people can feel light and at home, AND do not look in my drawers or behind the fridge. You will find that they have not been cleaned out in a few months, or shit was thrown in there with the hopes that I would clean them out later… So how I do the things I don’t want to, or even that I want to do. I always have somewhere in my life that is full of cat hair, dust, and just a fucking mess. It’s always on my mind, always in my space. I feel that closet that needs to be cleaned out every day… It the same feeling as I have about my over due taxes, and my business license that I keep putting off..
What I am going to share with you through these weekly blogs are ways to have your home become your sanctuary. How you can create the space in your life for more of you, notice what your dust bunnies represent and some cool tools to conquer your goals from home. There will be tips and tricks, with a strong undertone of coaching, spiritual responsibility as well as how things affect you energetically.

Sanctuary will be out each Monday for you and I to enjoy.


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