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About Me

As a child I had reoccuring dreams, to share love,
and that love was the answer to it all.
This is still weaved through all the work I do.

I am a love warrior, a soul & relationship coach,
a spiritually centred workshop creator,
and a believer of all things vibration and energy.
My deepest passion and commitment is that women and men
speak their truth and say it like their souls mean in.

I stand daily for people living the life they came for,
truly and completely aligned with what their souls work here is.
While the work I do alongside my clients is personally guided by them,
the conversations we have,
the partnership we stand in,
the quantum leaps we create together are based
on the idea that they are and always will be perfect.

This dance of life and love began at an early age
through all the ideas of good enough, or not,
whether I belonged, what authenticity was,
and through the experiences that paved my path
with deep empathy and compassion.

In the early 90’s I was introduced to Louise Hay,
Marianne Williamson, and Julia Cameron,
and my heart for this work has simply never stopped since.

Before coaching, I dabbled in interior design, cooking, and mixology
which you will find tones of through these pages.
I truly believe in our whole lives being a
reflection of ourselves and the power in that
is we can create what we want everywhere.
We can be who we are everywhere.

When I’m not coaching amazing people,
creating, cooking plants, and engaged in soulful conversations,
you’ll find me by the water or snuggled with my Cat, Simon.

I wholeheartedly craft these messages,
workshops, and experiences for you
to unfold your wings and shine as the angel you are.

My Superpowers : 

Being with all of you, the good the bad and the ugly and KNOW who you are.

Distinguish what your fundamental lie is/ what is in the way with in minutes of meeting you.

Being with you all the way to the end, when you allow yourself to show up.

Saying it like it is and calling your super power forth

Love the DEEP dives into all things YOU.